The best hanging toiletry bag, Military toiletry bag. Holds toilet paper, first aide kit, wipes, feminine products, holster, pocket knife, and sits on shovel. Best toiletry bag for camping, hiking, fishing, off-roading, and all other outdoor activities. Tactical Bag, toilet paper holder, toilet paper dispenser, toilet paper holder, wipe dispenser, wipe bag, toiletry bag with shoulder strap, camo, woodland, black

Booty Dooty Bag - War Distressed Multicam

Booty Dooty Bag - War Distressed Multicam


Tactical toiletry gear bag. This bag features a smaller zippered compartment to carry wipes and any other accoutrements such as feminine hygiene products, bandaids or a pocket knife.  The larger compartment holds the one roll of paper we are all destined to use; toilet paper.  The back features a sleeve for the handle of a small shovel to fit in, along with MOLLE strapping for hunters or shooters to attach their sidearm when handling their business.  There is also a carrying handle on top, along with carry straps so you can sling it over your neck or across your back.  The colors currently offered are Black, Woodland Camouflage and War Distressed Multicam.  This one bag will revolutionize the way you go camping, hiking, wilderness adventures or family road trips.

Toilet paper and accessories not included

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