About Men's Travel Toiletry Bag

The best hanging toiletry bag, Military toiletry bag. Holds toilet paper, first aide kit, wipes, feminine products, holster, pocket knife, and sits on shovel. Best toiletry bag for camping, hiking, fishing, off-roading, and all other outdoor activities. Tactical Bag, toilet paper holder, toilet paper dispenser, toilet paper holder, wipe dispenser, wipe bag, toiletry bag with shoulder strap, multicam, woodland, black. Tactical Bag, Military Bags, Military Deployment Bag, Multicam Gear



Desert Rat Tactical strives to bring high quality, functional and dependable field equipment to our customers at affordable prices.


Desert Rat Tactical is a Veteran & Family Owned business and is the home of The Original Camping/Tactical Toilet Paper Bag. At DR Tactical we believe in products that are highly functional and operational in both austere environments, at home or on the road. We work tirelessly to create products that are just what the avid outdoors person would want; whether you are a mountain biker, snowboarder, surfer, hiker, camper, shooter, military or law enforcement; our gear is highly functional and dependable…oh yeah, they look good too.

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I founded Desert Rat Tactical because there were too many times, in my military career, that I needed the right gear for deployments and didn’t have it. My first deployment to Iraq, the RFI [Rapid Fielding Initiative] station ran out of the 3 pattern Desert Camouflage for my Individual Body Armor along with the remaining MOLLE gear associated with it. I wound up receiving Woodland Camouflage pattern body armor to deploy to the desert with. My team and I had to rapidly purchase our own gear so we could deploy and be combat effective. That started my search for the perfect equipment. Over my subsequent deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, over the years, I was always on the look out for ways to improve my kit; whether through better gear or minute adjustments on my body armor. I founded Desert Rat Tactical with the mindset that gear bags and equipment for Field Operators, whether military, law enforcement or civilian, needed to be operational and function under the harshest of conditions in the field. The items that are field tested by those in the military in a combat zone prove to be exceptional when camping or hiking. I hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy designing them for you.

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